LifX vs Hue

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LifX vs Hue I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had both Philips Hue and LifX bulbs to try out.  Home automation is becoming one of my myriad of hobbies.  Z10 has given way to a lot of other (and better) options.  Remote control of lights for convenience and security are my premium needs […]



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Drogon, the black dread.  Largest of Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s three Dragons. The case that came with the original Game of Thrones season three bluray set came with a stone carving of dragon in white and grey.  I took the case apart and repainted the dragon in red/orange and black and the monolith in blue and […]

Whitestar (6 of 6)

The Whitestar

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The Whitestar, a.k.a. The Shadow Killer, was the primary offensive starship of the Army of Light and the Rangers.  Captain Sheridan and the crew of Babylon 5 relied upon the Whitestar to defend the galaxy from the encroachment of the Shadows. This is WARP model’s resin Whitestar kits with waterslide decals by Gizmotron.   [Show […]


Rocket Raccoon

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This is Rocket.  Rocket is not a Raccoon.  In fact there ain’t nothing like him, but him. This is the Dragon Models 1/6 Rocket Raccoon figure kit.  Painted using Tamiya and Model Color paints.  It’s my second attempt at figures and blending air brushing and brush work.  I used one of my cat’s discarded whisker […]